Essential Oil

Essential oils are odoriferous compounds isolated from spices and aromatic botanicals by steam distillation. A complex mixture of terpene hydrocarbons and their oxygenated derivatives, these oils are primarily responsible for the characteristic aroma of the plant material. Steam distillation involves injecting live steam into a bed of the comminuted botanical wherein the volatile components evaporate into the steam; the vapors are condensed and oil separated from water by virtue of their immiscibility and difference in specific gravity. The distillation is carried out carefully by experienced operating personnel so that no volatile components are lost and the process yields superior quality oil with the true aroma profile of the parent botanical. Quality of raw material plays a major role in the quality of essential oil. We work in close association with farmers and have direct access to genuine raw material, harvested at optimum maturity and dried under hygienic conditions. Essential oils find application in food, cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical industry We have various range of Essential oils