Coir Peat

Coir pith is extracted from coconut husks. Coir pith can be converted into rich organic manure for horti, flori-and agriculture. Coir pith constitutes as much as 70 per cent of the coconut husk. and is used as a soil conditioner /fertilizer. These are widely preferred in nurseries and horticulture and greenhouses. Coir Pith is 100% Organic .This soil conditioner is suitable for all types of garden plants, lawns, flowers, orchids, bonsais and vegetables in pots or on the ground. Our Coir Pith Block is mainly used in horticulture, floriculture, nurseries and greenhouse. Developed from optimum quality coir pith, our product is considered as an excellent soil conditioner and is completely biodegradable & eco-friendly. We also offer customization on our coir pith block as per the specification of clients